Guess what? Thanks to our alumni and friends–who are not only multitalented but also generously giving and hopeful–we are having YSP 2011! The decision was made (finally) in March and here we are a little over one week away from ARRIVAL DAY (if you listen very carefully, you will hear the high-pitched squeals of YSPers reconvening after a whole year–not likely–apart). Thank you for keeping the faith, for giving anything you could, and for encouraging others to support this amazing program. It will truly touch lives once again. The job, of course, is never finished so we thank you in advance for your continued support. Right now, your YSP Alumni and Friends Association is working on 2012 and beyond. Pray for the advisory board, for the Oblates who funded YSP for 28 years, that the Holy Spirit may guide their work and steer them into the best way of serving God’s children.

Peace! Oh, and we’ll see you at the performance of “Godspell” on June 25 at 7pm!


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