Alumni Challenge!

What’s shaking? Well, here’s the scoop on us:

1. YSP Foundation is becoming YSP Foundation, INC. (501c-3) Involving lots of boring paperwork and the scraping together of a few hundred $$$, we’re becoming a for-real, non-profit organization with officers and a Board of Directors and a some-time office!

2. We’re petitioning the Oblates for control of YSP’s funding and administration. It’s a win-win! We can continue the good work of YSP in the spirituality of the Oblates and St Eugene, and we’ll be responsible for raising the funds and making it happen each year, with the Oblates’ blessing. The discussion is underway and we’re awaiting a response.

3. THREE GOALS (with your help!) Fundraising, Spreading the Word, Alumni Relations. Give (but wait till we tell you how)! Tell someone (your old high school, your parish, your kids or your friends’ kids)! Get involved! Make sure we have your current contact info so we can send you promotional materials as they are available.

We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below or send us an email (friends.of.ysp at gmail dot com) and tell us how you’d like to stay connected with your fellow alumni (gatherings, reunions, newsletters, etc). And join the ALUMNI CHALLENGE! Tell the world what YSP means to you! Details follow as to how you can share your story. YOU are the best witness for YSP, its legacy, its meaning and its future. We’ll share the best alumni testimonials on our YouTube channel and maybe even get a prize together for our favorite. Be creative!

1. Who are you? (Share as much or as little as you like, keeping in mind this is on the web and your safety is top priority.)
2. What are two or three of your favorite YSP memories?
3. What did you learn from YSP (when it comes to theatre, to faith or to yourself)?
4. Has YSP influenced who you are or what you do now? How?
Please keep in mind that this video should attract students and donors, so inside jokes or obscure/inappropriate references aren’t desirable. Also, please limit to 3-6 minutes.



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