We’re official!

Youth Sing Praise, INC. is now in existence. Thanks to the Board of Directors (and especially Arnie and Julia) for their hard work in making this happen. Next step is to file for tax-exempt status, making us a non-profit charitable organization. We need to raise $800 to file as a non-profit. If you’d like to give any amount, please email friends.of.ysp@gmail.com Thanks again for your support and prayers. We hope to see you at YSP 2012!



2 thoughts on “We’re official!

  1. This is wonderful news for the future of YSP!! I’m so excited to see great things happening for future GENERATIONS to experience God’s grace and love through the arts, music, and especially at YSP!! Love and prayers, Anne Marie Cribbin

  2. This is awesome. Will YSP have its own website? When will info be out for 2012. I am a YSP alumni and my daughter is a freshman in high school. I would really love for her to attend.

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