Fundraising Break-down

Hello friends –

Let’s put it out there. YSP is happening this summer! We’ve gotten many applicants and expect many more. Keep spreading the word. Current participants, remember: the YSP Ambassadors program gives you $25 rebate for each friend you bring to YSP (limit 3), so make sure you bring some friends along with you–you’ll all have a great time! Parents and alumni, make sure your parish youth minister, pastor, high school choir teacher, voice coach all know about YSP.

The cost to attend YSP is $495. That’s a pretty good deal when you consider you’re getting 8 days of lodging, food, transportation during the week, production materials, professional voice and dance coaching, professional ministers, and a spectacular program. The ACTUAL cost of attending YSP is twice that amount. We don’t want to make tuition unattainable. We don’t want to make this life-changing program accessible only to wealthy families. This ministry is for all. Alumni, friends, supporters of the arts and ministry: PLEASE GIVE.

We anticipate a need of raising $10,000 to fund this summer’s program. This is a small budget, made possible by the sacrifice and devotion of many of our staff who will work pro bono this summer (and have been working all year to keep things going).

We’re wrapping up our Gooey Louie cake fundraiser. We’re planning an auction gala in May. Please help by donating (look at that fancy button to the right!), by giving gifts or services for our auction, by spreading the word, by holding bake sales, car washes, garage sales, or dress-down days in your community, by praying for the continued success of YSP.

Bless you for your friendship!


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