Foundation Board Seeks Members

The YSP Foundation Board has two vacancies. Want to give your time and particular expertise to YSP? Have skills, talents, terrific advice you’d like to share? If you would like to help advise and shape the future of YSP, please contact us at with your name and phone number.  Each member serves for 3 years, beginning in September. Other requirements are being discussed at our August board meeting and will be posted then. Obligations include monthly meetings (and other things we’re discussing…like participation on committees i.e. development, events, marketing; attendance at event(s), etc). Skills we could use include expertise/experience in non-profit management, fundraising, event planning, recruitment, marketing/communications, social media, performing arts, law/contracts, business management, love and affection for YSP!


2 thoughts on “Foundation Board Seeks Members

  1. This is Taylor Merritt former YSPer Childern of Eden, Magdelana, Joeseph in case you cant put a name to a face i was joeseph in 07. I am currently studying for a BM in music Education in Godfrey Illinois and also have extensive acting training form Northern Illinois university. I am hard Working and also know a far share about props, lighting, all aspects of performance design, costuming, and scenic construction. I have cleaned my life up in every way and i can thing of no better oportunaty to share my testimony blood sweet and tears than with you all if you will have me. I also have ben involved some previous theatrical comitties and think that i am the man for the job. Brad and friends you know how to contact me via facebook or call me at 6189467352. Ysp Change my life in more ways than i can share through this message and i would like to bring my heart and hands to the table.

    Much Love, walking closly with Christ
    Taylor Merritt

  2. This is Kevin Tribout from YSP in 1985 thru 1988. Was a lifelong resident of Belleville but currently live in Florida (that may be an attendance issue and I would understand). I am currently 42, married, practicing catholic and have one child. Currently the Executive Director of Government Affairs at a pharmacy company in Tampa Florida where I oversee a GA program of 5 that deals with regulatory and legislative action and compliance issues in states and federal level. I am also on the Board of my HOA and have been for 3 years as well as the Alumni Board of my college fraternity, but at the local Tampa chapter since I went to school in Illinois. I remember my time and friends from YSP fondly and am willing to donate time to help the program survive. Please feel free to contact me at

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