Get Your YSP Merch!

Get Your YSP Merch at Custom Ink! Click Here!  peggles

We have the very first item in our YSP Shop! To honor the woman who whips us into shape with good humor and lots of energy, we’ve created the commemorative First Edition TEAM PEGGLES shirt! Show your love for the incomparable Peggy. (Yes, some wonderful TEAM DOC shirts on their way! Please be patient as we perfect the design.)

“Sign up” on the Custom Ink site with the size(s) you’d like, and then come back here to make your payment using the yellow DONATE button on the right. Cost is $20 per shirt (includes shipping) or $18 if you’d like to pick it up at the reunion on Dec. 30. You only have until DECEMBER 10 to place your order so be quick!


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