Fundraising Goal 2013

*We’ll update our fundraising gauge as donations come in.*
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Whoa! Big number! Yep, and we’d like to tell you about how this money is spent, because we believe that investing in youth takes money, sure, but also careful decision-making and, in the case of a starting-off foundation, even sacrifice. Please be generous in your gifts–monetary or in-kind gifts.

To ensure an unmatched experience for our audience and for our youth, we spend money in the following ways:

ysp pie chart

[Staff fees cover payment for the people who make the show awesome. The professionals who watch after the YSPers, organize the YSP program, do all the background work and make sure kids are healthy, happy and holy for 9 days, DONATE their time, sacrifice sleep, their vacation time, and time with their families. Someday, we would love to pay them again.]


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