Help a Student Attend YSP

Alumni and Friends – This year, we have received several scholarship requests from YSP attendees. We take this as evidence that the economic hardships continue to affect families who still want their children to have recreational, educational and spiritual opportunities. Each family requests a specific amount and outlines their hardships, usually including job loss and/or disability. Each family has also made it clear that the opportunity to attend YSP is valuable to them, and that they intend to invest at least some of their finances to helping their child attend–NO ONE has requested a full scholarship. We will not turn away anyone due to financial need, but our own finances are tight.

CAN WE COUNT ON our friends and alumni to recall the impact YSP has on the lives of young people, and pledge to invest in a single attendee? Make one YSPers dream come true! You are sure to be remembered in prayer, and will receive a personal letter of thanks. Requests range from $245 (50% tuition) to $395 (80% tuition), so you may choose to fulfill ALL of a participant’s request, or combine your donation with others’.

One way of partnering sponsors with attendees is to create DESIGNATED SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS. We’ve already begun the AMDG Scholarship Fund, aimed at providing assistance to attendees from St. Louis University High School. SLUH has strong ties to YSP and each year sees many applicants from this Jesuit high school. One of the delights of receiving their applications is the personal letter they write asking for acceptance; SLUH men sign their letters AMDG: Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam “To the Greater Glory of God.” At their school, SLUH men are tasked with being “men for others” and strive for excellence in integrity and service to others. We look forward to partnering with others who appreciate the mission of the Jesuits in support of these young men.

Other designated scholarship funds could be assistance for YSPers: from the Belleville, Springfield, or St Louis (Arch)Dioceses; of Hispanic or Minority Descent; who are coming from outside the bi-state area or from your home state; who come from your high school alma mater or parish.

In order to designate your donation, you may donate via Paypal and write “X Scholarship” in the Message section, or mail your check with “X Scholarship” on the Memo line. If no scholarship requestor meets your description or if the scholarship has been fulfilled for that area, the donation will go to the general scholarship fund for the year.

Thank you for your friendship and generosity.


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