“Paying the Bills” Goal – COMPLETE!

*We’ll update our fundraising gauge as donations come in.* Aug 16 – a very generous anonymous donor gave $4,507.50, covering the remainder of our bills for 2013!!! We hope that others, inspired by this person’s gift, will keep us going into next year. 2014 needs your support!
fundraiser ideas Free fundraiser thermometer for your original fundraisers

Thank you to all who gave–from $5 to $4500! If you attended the performance, you know it was amazing and that lives were changed–on stage, in the audience and back home! Your continued support is needed to make 2014 a reality. This year we were able to give 8 students at least some scholarship award. Next year we hope to do the same AND maybe pay our deserving staff who, for the past 2 years, have donated their time. We are awaiting being awarded 501c3 status. Donations will be retroactively tax-deductible!


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