Praying with Esther, a YSP Novena

In anticipation of YSP beginning on the 20th, we are praying to prepare ourselves spiritually for this retreat, and to remind ourselves that all the work and planning we do is fueled by a conversation with God. Why read Esther? We had long dreamed of a musical that balanced storytelling, exciting music, and faith development. And one featuring a female lead would be a nice bonus (see 2:1 female-male ratio at YSP). We are fortunate to have the makings of an amazing show this year and we are excited to tell Esther’s story through wonderful music from Orin Johnson and Bradley Behrmann. 

Tonight, in reading the first chapter of Esther, we get to know Mordecai, a Jewish server in the Persian royal household and relative of Esther. He is introduced through a frightening and prophetic dream about “the whole nation of the just being shaken with fear, and the expectation that they would perish.” In seeing their destruction, the just nation cries to God for salvation and God comes through–“the light of the sun broke forth and the lowly were exalted.” 

It’s been a year full of the kinds of tribulations in Mordecai’s dream. Turmoil and confusion, outbursts of violence and persistent persecution in local and global venues might give way to despair. In the most difficult moments, we are reminded to turn first to God. When we cry out to God, we remind ourselves of God’s power and our need to place our trust in Him. And we are in turn empowered through that trust to take a role in fulfilling our fate, in following God’s wonderful plan for us.

Please keep praying with us. Eight days. 


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