Thank you and please give!

Thank you to all for your support and prayers. We are blessed with 45 enthusiastic and talented young people, by the hospitality of McKendree University, an outstanding new musical that we cannot wait to perform for you, an inspiring prayer life, and AIR CONDITIONED rehearsal space! Would you consider one more blessing? We need your contribution to help us pay the bills that will come due next week. If everyone in our YSP family here on this page gave $25-50 we would reach our goal of $10,000 in no time. An additional $10,000 would allow us to offer a small stipend to each of our 30+ staff members who have generously given weeks and some even months of their own time to ministry with the young people of YSP.  $1,000,000 would allow us to set up an endowment to fund staffing and a program well into the future (it never hurts to ask). You can go to our website to donate through PayPal or mail us a check or come to the performance and drop off your donation. We are now a 501c3. That makes every gift tax deductible. Thanks again! We can’t do this incredible thing we call Youth Sing Praise without you!


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