Wrapping up YSP

The YSP family has expanded another year! We had 45 wonderful students who premiered an astounding performance of Just Pretend. We are happy to announce that a video is being produced of the show, and you can place an order for as many as you’d like (at $25 each) here.

The St Louis Review was also out before the show and interviewed and photographed some moments. The article should run this weekend so keep an eye out for copies or check it out online.

And in case you’re planning for next year, we’ll be pursuing licensing for Children of Eden by Stephen Schwartz, who originally wrote it as Family Tree exclusively to be debuted by YSP in 1986, 30 years ago! We can’t wait to produce this great show following Adam and Eve, Cain and Noah and celebrating some wonderful music. YSP 2016 will be June 18-26, with the show on Saturday, June 25. Applications will be available in December of this year–right before our Christmastime reunion!

Thanks for an amazing year and we’ll see you next June!


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