Application EXTENSION!

Friends, Did you you hear? The April 15 deadline saw an AWESOME number of applicants, but, maybe since it’s Pope Francis’ “Year of Mercy” we decided to benevolently extend the deadline to MAY 1. If you already got your application in, THANKS! Be sure it’s complete!

Did you check all these boxes?

If NOT, your application will not be processed until complete. Remember, we instituted a monthly acceptance notice system, so if ALL your pieces are in, we will let you know within just a couple weeks. Absolute deadline is May 1. Theatrical and admin staff will review your materials and send you notification.

Once accepted, we will send you a packet of forms to officially enroll you and let us start getting everything ready for the summer (your small group leader, your room, your tshirt, your musical materials, your meals, etc etc etc).

We are excited by the TALENT and CHARACTER shown by the applicants so far (so many of you!!!) and we can’t wait to get this cast assembled to rehearse, pray and play together–truly a glimpse of God’s wonderful Kingdom here on Earth. A veritable Eden. We can’t wait to meet you, Children of Eden 2016!

Questions? Email


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