Scholarship Fund

The good folks at St. Nicholas O’Fallon donated $1,228 toward scholarships for YSP students. With a bit more help, we can meet 100% of the financial aid requests this year! Let’s not let money circumstances keep a child from experiencing this one of a kind camp-retreat. First year applicants and returning students, whose families have faced hardships this year (or longer) are asking for help. Let’s show them what 34 years of YSP family generosity looks like! Donate via PayPal or mail donation to YSP, 4240 Castleman Ave., Third Floor, St Louis, MO 63110. Remember, as a 501c3 charity, your donation is tax-deductible! THANK YOU!

Every dollar raised goes directly to a student’s scholarship. Help us raise as much as we can to assist them.


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