Spring Fundraiser: JCS Quarantine Edition

Youth Sing Praise is excited to begin our spring fundraiser! We’re putting on a video compilation production of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” and we want YOU to cast your YSP favorites in the roles!

  • April 4-April 8 Nominate your dreamcast from among the YSP family: current and past participants, staff and volunteers
  • Tag them in a comment on facebook, instagram or twitter / send us an email at youthsingpraise@gmail.com / or DM us on social media
  • We’ll reach out to nominees to see if they accept the nomination
  • Nominees will be invited to submit a 10-20 second “vote for me” video (optional), a little about-me info, and a photo – all by April 11
  • VOTING will take place on April 12 and 13 ONLY! You’re free to campaign for your favorite nominees among your friends and family, on social media, etc. We’ll make some shareable memes to help you spread the word.
  • Voting will be through our Square donation page. One vote = $5. You may vote as many times as you like, for your favorite nominee, or for several! Nominees may vote for themselves. The winning nominees are the ones who garner the most votes/dollars in each category. 
  • Winning nominees will be notified of their role/song and given instructions. Video submissions of their complete numbers will be due April 17. Performers should, of course, adhere to their city/state sheltering guidelines. Then, in your home or yard or whatever, produce your song video with as much or little production features as you’d like: costumes, set, backup singers, dance numbers…involve friends through video chat, family members within your household, pets, sock puppets…
  • We’ll assemble the numbers and compile them for a live viewing on April 25. Details on when and how to tune in will be coming! 
  • PLUS – even if you’re not nominated, or prefer not to take on a solo role, EVERYONE is invited to be part of an ensemble performance of the song “Jesus Christ Superstar” to finish out our show! Details on this, along with instructions, are coming soon!

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