Announcement about YSP 2020

We promised to make a firm decision on the status of YSP 2020 by May 15 and here we are.

This is the notice first sent to this year’s applicants. In the next week, we’ll have more information as well as a short registration for any additional high schoolers wanting to join. Anyone who completed (or choose to still complete) the full application and is chosen will not have to re-apply next year.

Dear YSPers! 
First, I want to thank all of you for your wonderful applications and interest in participating as cast members in YSP 2020’s performance of “Just Pretend.” Receiving your applications, getting to know you, and hearing about the impact that YSP had on returning students is always the second best part of my year, the first being spending 9 days with you all in June. Each of you is officially accepted as a participant of YSP 2020.
Friends, there were times a decade ago when YSP might not have happened because we lacked funding, lacked a space to rehearse in, or suddenly scrambled to replace vital staff for emergency circumstances. And we never had to cancel. We are convinced that God provides for this program, and we’ve never lacked for talented students or devoted staff. This year, though, we’re all experiencing a PAUSE, and are invited to take stock, examine our priorities, and be innovative in responding to our separation. 
I am sorry to announce that YSP 2020 will not take place as scheduled June 20-28; we will miss you immensely. Ongoing health concerns continue to shift and shape how we respond to Covid-19. Singing communities, especially, are at-risk for being a disease-spreading environment. We continue to monitor the news, and take seriously the guidelines set by the CDC and WHO, and regulations from city, state and (arch)diocesan advising bodies.
I am excited, though, because we have been brainstorming some ways to stay connected, be creative, and distill some of this unique experience into a remote-retreat for all of you.  A remote retreat will allow us to laugh, sing (SAFELY!), share, and pray together. AND with only a suggested donation, no travel required, nor solid 9-day commitment, we’d love to connect with even more high schoolers who are curious about YSP, so invite your friends. We’ll have more information on that coming soon.  
For this year, we’ll still be celebrating our 4-year and seniors, welcoming our first years to the YSP family, and re-connecting with our returning students with many of the familiar staff faces you love. This year still counts; and if you plan on joining us next year, the good news is that this year’s application will just remain on hold so you don’t have to re-apply next year. It won’t be the same, but we firmly believe God is STILL providing for this family. 
I’ll have more information for you soon about our plans. Please send questions my way if you have them in the meantime. You are all loved and wished the best health!
Erin Brennan
Program Director

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