“I am one of the [alumni] offering to help organize, shout to the corners of the earth, and help raise money, so that others can benefit from the gift of YSP.  It is truly a life changing experience and should never be denied to any student who wished to do it.”

**NOTE: If you are making a tuition payment online, you should add 3% to your payment to cover the transaction fee from either Square or PayPal. e.g. your $195 deposit should be $200; a $300 balance should be $309; $555 should be $571; $905 should be $932. To avoid these fees, you may submit a check.**

Make a donation or make a tuition payment through Square here.

Or make a donation or tuition payment through PayPal.

 Click here to learn about other ways you can help the YSP Foundation.
Click here for a list of our donors. 

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