More ways to give

The current base tuition for YSP participants is $495 for the 9-day summer program. The actual cost per student is about $1,200. That means that for many of our participants, more than half of the cost of putting on YSP comes from donors like you. THANK YOU!

Your donation makes it possible for YSP to: house and feed participants and staff, purchase necessary set, costume and prop materials, provide music and rehearsal supplies, pay the theatrical staff*, provide transportation to/from performance site, provide prayer and recreation activity materials, hire an orchestra to accompany the show, purchase the license to put on the show, pay for insurance to keep our kids safe, reimburse our helpers for some gas expenses, perform background checks on all staff, advertise the show and the summer program, keep our foundation legal and registered. Your donations also provide necessary scholarships for students in need.

See the cost breakdown for our 2017 program here.

*Our entire staff is generous with their time, receiving minimal compensation for their vital skills. Many have and continue to donate their time and talent FOR FREE. Their hearts are huge, and ours are grateful.

There are several ways you can support the Youth Sing Praise Foundation, and its programs Youth Sing Praise and YSP Jr.

SPIRITUAL SUPPORT: Pray! Keep us in prayer.  Pray for the participants.  Pray for the staff. Pray for good weather.  Just Pray!

SHOW UP: Bring people to see the performance. It’s free, it’s family friendly, it’s great for groups and the whole community. Be sure to spread the word about the show via social media, or print flyers to distribute. Alumni and friends are also invited to volunteer handing out programs, helping guests find seats or parking, etc. Let us know if you’d like to volunteer.

DONATE: Make a monetary donation. The Foundation subsidizes the cost of students’ tuition at YSP and YSP Jr. through donations and fundraising events/campaigns. Every dollar helps, and assists students who can only come because of a subsidized or heavily assisted scholarship package.

WISHLIST: We have an Amazon Wishlist where we’ve listed items the programs need. Ships right to us. We are grateful for any gifts you purchase!

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Our board is often looking for members, and/or chairpersons for various committees. You can inquire and send your resume to

CREATE/SUPPORT A SCHOLARSHIP or SPECIALTY FUND: In honor or memory of a loved one, to recognize a student with a particular achievement, contact the foundation about creating or supporting a scholarship. You may choose to set up annual donations (or monthly, etc), or fund a scholarship through a golf/kickball/wiffleball tournament or other event. Be creative and honor someone or some achievement that is meaningful to you!

FUNDRAISE: The Foundation hosts fundraising events and campaigns, but individuals are invited to host fundraisers at their churches or schools. Students at private schools can usually initiate a “dress down day” where classmates donate a couple dollars for the privilege of dressing out of uniform for a day. Carwashes, bake sales, rummage sales, singing telegrams, party entertainment, donut or cake sales….all of these add up to make YSP possible.

SPREAD THE NEWS: Know a student, school, or church community that should know about YSP or YSP Jr.? Help us help you tell them about it. Whether through promotional materials or a personal contact/visit, we are happy to tell about YSP–you just point us in the right direction, or we can equip you with the resources to tell them what YSP means to you. Vocal instructors, acting coaches, youth ministers and pastors…all are good candidates to bring into the YSP friends circle.

Our YSP Family and Friends are evidence of the ripple effect an encounter with Christ and an opportunity to perform will have on the wider world. We are grateful for the generosity and dedication of so many these programs have touched. Thank you for being part of our family, and for your friendly support.  You already know what a difference this program makes in the lives of young people.  Your generous, ongoing support makes this program possible.  It means the world to us, and we are sincerely grateful. You are in our prayers; please keep us in yours.