What YSPers Say

Current YSPers love coming back to YSP each summer. Here’s what they’re saying:

Watch a video here! 

The YSP community is the most accepting and vibrant community I have ever belonged to. Every year is an opportunity to relearn how to be a true Christian.”

I know that Youth Sing Praise is one incredible way I can use my talents to glorify God and to deepen my relationship with Him. I want to experience the rehearsals, fellowship, and everything else, but I most want to be part of a performance and prayer that will change my life and the lives of the people in the audience.”

There is no mistaking the presence of God with each and every person involved in YSP.”

My sister attended YSP for three years and she really loved it. I enjoyed watching her performances and hear her talk about YSP. I could see how God touched her life through this experience. Now I am excited at the possibility of having the same opportunity.”

“For me, YSP is about growth as a person. That can be growth as an actress, growth as a friend, and growth as a child of God. YSP gives me the opportunity to do that in a loving environment with great staff to guide me.”

Whoever came up with the idea of YSP was pure genius.”

After hearing about the amazing experiences and all the fun, I’ve been looking forward to going to YSP since I was 10. I would love the opportunity not only to praise God through performing, but also to grow closer to him and make new friends.”

YSP was one of the best experiences of my life. It caused me to expand my horizons through dance, to develop my acting, and to experience putting all of my being into a performance for my Savior. I have never felt so excited, tired, scared, nervous, happy, and truly changed because of one week.”


From Oblates who have participated in YSP:

The task of putting a good musical production together in 7 days is crazy. The task of putting it together along with a week long religious retreat is unheard of. The task of doing it all with 4 hours or less of sleep a night is impossible!

I was able to witness the impossible happen through hard work, dedication and prayer. I tell everyone back home how I witnessed ‘The YSP Miracle’.” Ray Cook, OMI


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