“YSP is a place theater and faith come together in a way that is pretty much unheard of.   It lets theater kids be accepted and encouraged in their faith. [YSP] is a beautiful, beautiful thing, and so important. I’m so glad it exists.”    

-YSP Alumnus


“YSP was one of the best experiences of my life. It caused me to expand my horizons through dance, to develop my acting, and to experience putting all of my being into a performance for my Savior. I have never felt so excited, tired, scared, nervous, happy, and truly changed because of one week.”

-YSP  Alumnus

Read about the program for high school aged students here.


After hearing about the amazing experiences and all the fun, I’ve been looking forward to going to YSP since I was 10. I would love the opportunity not only to praise God through performing, but also to grow closer to him and make new friends.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                     – YSP Alumnus

 To read more about our program for 6-7-8th grade students click here.


Click here to apply for YSP
Apply by April 25
(for 9th – 12th grade students)

Click here to apply for YSP Jr.
Apply by June 1
(for 6th-8th grade students)

Click here to apply for Helpers Team
Apply by May 1
(for young adults – past participants must have a gap year before applying)


“I am one of the [alumni] offering to help organize, shout to the corners of the earth, and help raise money, so that others can benefit from the gift of YSP.  It is truly a life changing experience and should never be denied to any student who wished to do it.”

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